Sharon Page

I work as a painter in the figurative genre with a particular interest in the diverse experience of what it is to be human.

Works tends towards the raw immediacy available in the expressionist oeuvre, informed by the likes of contemporary Artists such as Lucian Freud and Jenny Saville.

My philosophy is that art should be honest, driven by narrative and supported by a foundation of sound technique.

Artist Statement

My life’s journey has been underpinned by a passion to visually describe the human form.

I currently work in acrylic paint: for subject material, I have focused on forming a conversation around ‘what it is to be human’ narrated through the medium of expressionist portraiture.

My latest series: ‘Reflections’ is a collection of self portraits created through the process of ‘stream of consciousness’ painting. These are raw, spontaneous, visceral works; unplanned, unrefined and unedited – fuelled solely by the diverse states of emotional turbulence resident at the event of their creation.

They are evidence of, rather than an attempt to depict emotion.


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Acrylic paint on hardboard

39cm x 27cm


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