Saskia Vogt

My name is Saskia Vogt, currently residing in Paraparaumu, originally from Lower Hutt. I am in my 3rd and final year of study at Whitireia in the Visual Arts department,  specialising in Textiles.

Since 2010 I have taken part in two group exhibitions with fellow class members and two fashion shows – one a charity show for children with cancer and the second for a promotional video. Recently I had my first solo show held at the Odlin Gallery for two weeks.

As an artist I confront and question issues that influence our everyday lives. My artwork explores the quotidian through the ideals and values I hold dear.

Using cigarette papers this installation addresses the issue of combining smoking with pregnancy. The whiteness of the cigarette papers represents purity,whilst it also represents the impurity of what the material is made from, addressing the fragility of the smoking effect on the body.

Inhale, Exhale

Materials: Cigarette papers and cotton.

Measurements: Width 80 cm height 110cm


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