Amelia Pascoe

Originally trained in the sciences, and with a long and varied career working in science-based organisations, Amelia has over the years been making an active transition into the visual arts. Working on a small scale, and using jewellery techniques Amelia’s work straddles the boundaries of object and adornment. Amelia was the 2011 recipient of a New Zealand Jewellery Manufacturers Federation Student Award of Excellence, and the 2010 recipient of the Julie Obren Scholarship for a returning Visual Arts student whose work and work ethic showed great promise for continued success.  

Artist Statement: Post-conception, pre-completion: From A to B via D

Untitled: Necklace & Stand

Necklace: Brass, paint, hand-plaited silk cord [115 x 45 x 10mm]

Stand: Mixed woods, brass [440 x 140 x 70mm]

Untitled: Scaffold Stand

Brass [580 x 280 x 65mm]

Amelia Pascoe



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