Patricia Nurchandra

Patricia offers a vision of art that is culturally engaged and morally aware.

She dedicates much of her time to using art as a vehicle for advocating animal liberation movement and to celebrate the many and challenging differences between the East and the West by presenting bi/trans cultural perspectives.

Artist Statement

Hang On There

The veterinary profession is uniquely embroiled with moral & ethical dilemmas because animals are legally defined as ‘property’ in the practice – which can be contra to the veterinarians’ personal beliefs. Divided between what ought to be done and what the vet actually does.

This work offers trans-cultural translation of the conflicts they face on the job through the two opposing scrubs. The repeat pattern designs are derived from the traditional Indonesian cloud pattern which interprets freedom, whereas the other is formed from an ancient Javanese script that created a chain-like pattern conveying moral entrapment.

Which one to wear?

Installation of digital surface design

Polycotton, polypropylene, chrome, rubber

Hang On There 1

71cm x 59cm


Hang On There 2

71cm x 59cm



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