Camille Walton

My work never really starts with a clear concept but rather comes from a process of play; I find by starting with a concept often works can feel contrived. I work instinctively with materials that excite me, this is one of the reasons I enjoy using soft wax as I can respond quickly and spontaneously to the piece I am working on. I let my influences, which I have gained over many years, naturally emerge in my work. I am attracted to the organic forms of nature and also derive a lot of inspiration from painters, such as Richard Diebenkorn, Monet, Joan Mitchell, and Robert Rauschenberg, with their use of colour, line, and structure. I come from a painting background, and like the idea of turning paintings and sculptures into wearable work which the owner can bring with them where ever they go.

The idea of finding lost treasure is another idea which has always fascinated me. Through the effects and colours I am achieving on the metal and the combination of other materials my pieces look as though they have been discovered in the ground where flowers, weeds, and gems have started growing onto them. I also like the idea of my work to look like it could be ancient pirate treasure, which could have a romantic or adventure story attached.

1.Untitled, Ring (2012)

Oxidized sterling silver, enamel

2.Untitled, Brooch Pin (2012)

Oxidized bronze, enamel, enamel paint

3.Untitled, Ring (2012)

Oxidized bronze, enamel, enamel paint

4.Untitled, Brooch (2012)

Oxidized bronze, enamel, enamel paint


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