Rachael Gannaway

The 18th Century social commentator and historian, Thomas Carlyle, said, “It is through symbols that man consciously or unconsciously lives, works and has his being.”

I have a long standing love of the Self Portrait: Still life paintings of Frances Hodgkins.  She took items imbued with personal meaning and used them to create a portrait of herself – that doesn’t contain her actual visage.  In this series of work, I have combined pictorial elements that express abstract and invisible ideas, with a focus on home, family and domesticity.

Using motif, colour and the common domestic materials, wallpaper and fabric, I have created a portrait.

The Printmaker

Ink on fabric

Surface and Symbol 1

Paint and ink on wallpaper

2400mm h x 1500mm w

Surface and Symbol 2

Paint and Ink on Wallpaper

2400mm h x 1500mm w



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