Glen Howey

Glen discovered photography at the age of 15, and from that moment he has seen it as a vehicle to understanding and appreciating the world around him.

After completing his photographic studies in Wellington, Glen spent 4 years working as a press photographer. He then travelled and photographed around the world for 8 years before returning to Wellington and becoming a photography tutor at The Photo School.

For Glen, photography is about capturing a point in time through the purest lens, with prophecy, honesty and passion.

Artist Statement

Talking with an old photographer friend he asked, “Why do we take photos?” My answer was to reveal not just what we see but what we feel. Leading on from that he asked, “What is it that the camera can see that the human eye can not?”

The question seemed to snowball in my mind and a huge number of things that had been floating about my head came together almost instantly.

Very long exposures reveal what the naked eye can’t see. They turn night into day. That almost meditative process of accumulation light seemed to resonate with me. Making images has always been for me a form of meditation.

“Light is time thinking about itself” Octavio Paz.

Untitled Digital image

Untitled Digital image



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