Joe Dowman

  • Born in Johnsonville
  • Studied Graphic Design at Whitieriea Polytechnic

Artist Statement:

The Process to Branding Success according to Joseph Dowman

Branding has become large part of a company’s success within the marketplace today, but creating a logo and creating a brand are two completely different things.

The Process to Branding Success.
1900mm x 630mm

180gsm matte poster paper

Adobe Master Collection


Christina Naidu

Christina Naidu is Wellington born and raised. She studied at Newlands College and is currently living in Newlands. She has just completed her 2012 BAppa Graphic Design at Whitireia Polytechnic

Artists Statement

My goal is to use graphic design to convey a story through traditional publication techniques and new media technologies. The aim is to create an experience that is integrated and interactive.

Christina Naidu_BookThe Waitress


420mm x 594mm

180gsm Paper, Thread, Round Wood Bead